Sunday, August 10, 2008

August Photo-a-day Week 1 Photos - August 10, 2008


For those of you who don't know this already, I am doing a photo-a-day album with my sis-in-law Laurel and some other people.  She has made some challenges for us to complete each week, so these are them, along with some other photos I took.  Unfortunately, I missed taking pictures a couple of days.  Oops.


D60 053

August 2nd - I did 2 pictures for A HOUSE IS A HOME.  I wanted a picture of my house from the outside, to show that it's just a house to everyone else.  Then I did the one inside, to show that it's a home to us!



August 3rd - This is my I WANT TO SEE YOU photo.  I modelled one of my new outfits that I bought for conference.


August 4th - This is my GOOD MORNING pic.  Tyler got up around 9:00 this morning, so we brought him in bed with us to take a family picture.  Aren't we cute!!

Unfortunately I missed out on August 5th and 6th.  I was at my conference for Partylite in Edmonton and forgot to take some pictures those days.  Oops. (insert sheepish look here).

look up

August 7th - I had another picture picked out for the LOOK UP challenge, but I decided to put this photo in instead.  The lady 5th from the right in the back row (white and black dress) is my Partylite SRVP Kim Kramchynsky, and I look up to her everyday.  She is a huge inspiration to me and is always positive.  She is awesome to be around!  This was from our Gala night at conference.

Hopefully I will remember to take more pictures this week...

Thursday, July 31, 2008

This week with Tyler - July 31, 2008

Well, it's been quite some time since my last entry - okay, a really long time - so I am going to do an update.  The main reason is to let everyone know that Tyler is cutting his first tooth!!  We haven't taken a picture yet, because you can't really see anything.  But you can sure feel something!  He was gnawing on Lincoln's finger, and Linc was saying that it hurt but he didn't know if it was Tyler's fingernail or not.  So, after struggling with Tyler to get him to open his mouth, we could see a little bit of white and I could definitely feel something.  Oh our little boy is growing up!  Here are some of the most recent pictures we have of him from last weekend in Gimli:



He's enjoying some green beans here!  We have started Tyler on food now, and so far he enjoys cereal, green beans, squash and carrots.  He's not liking peas at all, so we'll try them again later.  And in a few days we'll probably try some fruit too.



Such concentration as he is eating Nana's Santa book.  Yes, it's Christmas at Nana and Popa's house right now!!!



This is along the dock in Gimli.  Artists have painted a number of pictures on the wall.  This one is to commemorate the emergency landing in Gimli 25 years ago of the "Gimli Glider".


We bought a new car seat for Tyler since he was getting too long for the old one.  This was taken in our bedroom before we put it in my car.  He looks stoned, but really, we didn't give him any drugs!!



OK, here's a better one!


Tyler got a Bumbo from the Lindsay Braun clan.  It's the greatest thing ever!  We have even taken it to restaurants and had him sit in it on the table.  It's helping him learn how to sit up on his own too.


This was out on our deck when my mom was here helping me clean and look after Tyler.  The hat has got to go though.  It's too small!  Again, such concentration.  He does smile a lot, but it's very difficult to get him to smile for the camera!


We bought a high chair for Tyler, but he practically drowns in it cuz he's so small!  It's pretty funny to see him in it!


Awww.  Aren't we cute!

Well, I will really try to do another update next week, but I can't make any promises!!

Tara :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Last month with Tyler - April 8, 2008

OK.  Well, I wasn't so good at my weekly entries, so I will try again this month.  There are a lot of pics since my last entry, so I will be adding them a little at a time, and mixing them with current pics as well.  Please bear with me!

I weighed our little bundle of joy today and he weighed 13 pounds (that's +/- 1 pound), so I guess he isn't so little anymore! 



This was March 7th - it's the grandmas' favourite onesie!!


Awww... just hangin' out with Daddy!


For those of you who have seen Zoolander, it's the "Magnum" look!


Having some tummy time to work the neck muscles.


Nap time.  So peaceful looking, isn't he?


The bouncy chair is a lifesaver!  Now I don't have to wait until Tyler's asleep to go shower.  He sits in it in front of the bathroom door and is entertained while I shower.

Hopefully I will update again next Monday...  Keep your fingers crossed!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

This week with Tyler - March 2, 2008


Such a silly guy!


Future NHLer!  Mommy and Poppa Braun's favourite team.


Grandma Braun's third sunflower baby.


Uncle Scott came for a visit today.


Mommy's little angel.


Daddy's little boy.


Just out of the bath.